Are you looking for me?

You must be ready to step up.

Likely you know me or someone you trust pointed you here. I'm a business coach for lawyers and solopreneurs. Big picture or the problem you want to solve right now. Creating a business that serves your life. Your goals and priorities. Read on or let's start work.

Barbara has an incredible knack for cutting through the crap. Blunt but true. Those scripts we have running in our heads, the ways we discuss our business and the words we use about ourselves with others--they go nowhere with her. Motivation, expertise and clarity.

JHM, Columbus, OH

More of what matters. Nothing that doesn’t.


Enough Time Matters

You decide how much truly free time you want. I teach you to create systems and a mindset to make it possible.
AKA better choices.

Enough Money Matters

You choose your numbers. I help you get clear on the tradeoffs, prioritize and stay on course.
AKA profitability.

Enough Mojo Matters

Engagement. Joy. Purpose. Connection. Family and relationships. Prioritizing the "sparks" along with the "must-do's" of life.
AKA imperfect perfection.

What doesn't matter?

Let’s not waste your time by listing what I’ve found working with people just like you for over 15 years. You probably already have a list that came to mind. When we work together, you’ll name what doesn’t matter to you. You’ll SEE your choices, learn new skills and change your behavior.

Here's what I don't do

No 5-figure 6-month programs. No promises to double or triple your revenue. No millionaire lawyer visions. No stories, no digging into “why”. We start with what matters to you and what you want to create- then take the shortest route. No contract. No hassle if you want your money back. No illusions, it's not a clean, serial "recipe" process- the work is iterative, steps forward, steps backward. Trying, tweaking. Failing, succeeding.

Try it yourself

"NAME one thing you VERY MUCH want to do this week, but "don’t have time" for.

LOOK at your schedule, think about where your days go.

FIND three things you can cut out, delay to the future, delegate or cut short.

CHANGE your schedule. Prioritize. Block time for what you choose to add.

REJIGGER the equation until it works. More of what matters, nothing that doesn’t. Try it. Do it.

Let's get to work!

Nothing to lose, everything to gain - schedule now.

When I check in with you, I have an idea of where I need help. You quickly help in those areas and then you suggest some of my potential blind spots. Works great. Like the bicycle analogy. You are good, very good, at getting the peddling going again. I was coasting and you give me a few pointers, and, boom! I am moving forward, on track again.

JR. Seattle, WA

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