Your Practice Target Roadmap

Taking your practice to the next level takes time, but I’m here for you every step of the way.

Here’s your six-month plan of action.

Month 1 – Time Management

It’s the number one frustration most lawyers face. Where does the time go? Most lawyers do not effectively manage their time. And what we’re really talking about is self management, not time management. Let me be perfectly clear. This has nothing to do with making lists or using alarms, buzzers or bells to keep you on task.

This is about your choice to manage your time and it sets the pace for all the work we will do together. There can only be one person managing your practice. And that person is you. This is the key principle which distinguishes between a well-run practice and one that runs in “last minute” or “crisis mode.”

We start our work together by putting you in charge of your time rather than the circumstances of the day.

Month Two: Setting Goals

In order to know whether a room is hot or cold, you need a thermometer. If it’s cold, you raise the thermostat. If it’s hot, you lower the thermostat. It’s that simple.

Before we work together on growing your practice, we need to take its temperature. Together we will determine which way to turn the dial.

Most lawyers I work with need to turn the dial up – some by a great deal. This is not a reflection on your skills, talents or compassion as a lawyer. It’s just that you didn’t take any courses on growing your practice. You were just thrown in and anything you’ve achieved is because of your determination.

Now it’s time to grow and set specific goals for your practice.

Month Three: Getting Clients

This month is about creating a marketing plan that works for you. In this section, we’re going to decide who is the best client for you to work with (Hint: it’s not anyone with a pulse who walks in the door -even if they’re carrying a check).

We’re going to decide whom we want to reach and how we want to get through to them. In addition, we will decide what we want to say to them when we have their attention.

It’s the non-sleazy marketing plan built to last. You will never be stuck sitting in their office wondering what to do first or next to get clients after this month.

Month Four: Marketing in Action

This is the month that will forever change your mind about the potential of your practice. This is where the rubber meets the road.

This is about making breakthroughs in your practice and discovering what is possible. Here we move from theory into day-to-day facts on the ground. You’ll be transforming your practice and recreating it in your target image. Just like no two fingerprints are exactly alike – no two legal offices will do things exactly the same way.

You’ll be in at the bottom floor seeing the effect of the marketing program YOU chose. You’ll be astounded as you discover that getting more of the clients you want to work with is easier than you thought.

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Month Five: Building Systems

The way to run an efficient office is to have systems installed. This way, when something happens, your office experiences the equivalent of a speed bump.

If you use systems to run your office, it’s a much more professional office.

Let me give you an example. You’ve planned this summer vacation with your family for a year. Your kids have been looking forward to it since you told them. You’re packed and ready to go when suddenly, disaster strikes.

A member of your team becomes ill or wins the lottery and quits. Someone else is going to have to cover that work.

And your kids send you pictures of their vacation via text message. Unless…

You have the right systems in place to make sure a new staff member can step into the job and be up to speed in rapid time. No, this isn’t Disneyland. Law offices like yours can be systematized so they run more efficiently.

When your office is purring on all cylinders, you’ll never be torn about whether or not you can spend time with your family.

When you’re not running the office, you can be more engaged with your clients giving them the highest caliber representation.

Month Six: Financial Management

I put Financial Management in here even though my clients are lawyers. Most of my clients can handle multiple trust accounts, crunch numbers in divorce settlements, and even keep track of wily accountants. But when it comes to tracking their own numbers, lawyers are way less effective.

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Just about every law office I’ve worked with needs some guidance in this sector. Let’s face it, it’s exciting to see revenue coming in, but boring to truly manage the bottom line. Sometimes it’s scary to face the facts. Challenging to think about actually charging what your work is worth.

Now understand I put this last in the sequence for two reasons:

Number one: by this time I will have a great deal of credibility in your eyes.

Number two: most of my clients are very hesitant to admit they need help in this area.

This falls into the area of “Shhh. Don’t talk about it.” No one wants to admit their practice is deficient in this area. But once we make some simple but solid changes, it will have a positive benefit on your practice and your life.

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Month Seven: Putting it all together

I include a seventh month as a bonus. Here’s where you graduate but ONLY after I show you how to efficiently integrate all that you have mastered.

In this month, we’ll make sure that you not only know what to do and how to do it but you’ve also implemented it.

It’s one thing to know ABOUT the topics we’ve covered. It’s another thing to actually DO them.

I want to make sure you do not feel overwhelmed or as if you are still juggling those balls or spinning plates.

I want you fully comfortable that you can maintain your new level of achievement without frustration.

Then and only then will I feel that I have helped you fully achieve your goals.

What’s Next?

Remember how I told you I hate hard selling? Well it’s true. I’d like to invite you to a private conversation with me. This is a conversation – not a sales pitch.

If you are ready to end the frustration and grow your legal practice, I’d like to chat with you.

The consultation is an eye-opening experience that will cost you sixty minutes or less. It is an enormously interesting experience. I’ve helped dozens of lawyers find enduring solutions to their practice challenges.

First… I will deeply listen to your situation.

Second… we will explore your own problems and solutions. You will learn why you are not able to create this change on your own.

Third …we will determine if you really want to change your practice model.

Then….if you are a good candidate for program and only if growing your practice is something you really want to commit to… only then… will we discuss our Practice Target program. I’ve found that whether you have a new practice or have been established for years, we probably can get you better, faster, easier, and more…actually, enduring, results.

Last… You decide. No pressure. No sales. Just a fascinating, powerful, personal meeting. I give you my word.

I’m either right for you or I am not. You will know it at the consultation that you have with me.

I have a high documented success rate for almost everyone that follows the simple, clear program we lay out together.

Because of the amount of time I spend with each client as well as the group, I actually have a hard limit on the number of clients I can work with at any time. If I can not accept you into the Successfully Solo program, I will place you on the waiting list for the next time a place opens.
I am not looking for a commitment to the program. Just the opportunity to spend some quality time with you on the phone.

Please click below to fill out the brief questionnaire and schedule your strategy session.

It’s the first step to a new practice.

Schedule a Strategy Session.

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